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Sustainability Report 2015

Learn about our economic, social and environmental performance from 2012 to 2014 in Africa, Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South East Asia, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

This report has been verified by the GRI to a B+ standard.

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 Together we have the opportunity to make our built environments more energy efficient, attractive, environmentally responsible and productive.

Gene M. Murtagh, Chief Executive Officer

Kingspan Group

Carbon Management

In 2011, Kingspan Group embarked on our own Net Zero Energy Initiative, where we committed to have all Kingspan facilities running on entirely renewable power by 2020.

Kingspan Insulated Panels has played a key role in the success of the Net Zero Energy story. Follow that story here.

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Sustainable Product Stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability extends right throughout our innovation process. We bring products and solutions to market that meet the most rigorous quality and environmental standards. Some of our most recent innovations include IPN-QuadCore and ZerO Energy Lighting.

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Sustainable Building Design

Buildings are at the centre of our lives; this is where we spend 90% of our time. We commission ongoing research to understand how buildings can be designed optimally in order to maximise energy savings while also delivering enhanced value and profitability to investors, owners and occupiers.

In 2015 we carried out two significant research pieces into optimal building design for logistics and retail.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We proactively engage across the industry and with our local communities on a diverse range of activities. Education and ideas exchange is central to our philosophy of building a more sustainable future.

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Optimised Use of Resources

We are committed to reducing the impact that our products have on the environment. Therefore, throughout our operations, we continuously test and implement ways to minimise water usage, waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

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We are proud to be zero waste to landfill across all of our manufacturing facilities in the UK & Ireland.

Gilbert McCarthy, Managing Director
Kingspan Insulated Panels

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We are happy to share our challenges, experiences and successes as we move through this journey. For case studies, interviews and more email or call us on +4413527166100

You can also download the Sustainability Report 2015 executive summary. This highlights some of the reports key findings and the progress we have made to becoming a Net Zero Energy company by 2020.

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