Kingspan Insulated Panels

Sustainable Product Stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability extends right throughout our innovation process. We bring products to market that meet the most rigorous quality and environmental standards. Some of our most recent innovations include IPN-QuadCore and ZerO Energy Lighting.


The invention of IPN-QuadCore is a quantum leap on the journey to high-performance buildings that are better for the environment and for business. This scientific breakthrough has led to a completely new core material for our insulated panels that delivers the industry’s highest thermal performance, a unique 40-year thermal and structural guarantee, superior fire protection and enhanced environmental credentials. To learn more about IPN-QuadCore and the benefits it can bring to your buildings performance, click here.

ZerO Energy Lighting

Kingspan ZerO Energy Lighting is our latest ground-breaking concept in energy efficiency. ZerO Energy Lighting, ZEL, offers a unique blend; high quality daylight solutions, intelligent LED lighting, fully programmable automatic controls and Kingspan Energy Rooftop Solar PV. We optimise the use of Kingspan Day-Lite polycarbonate rooflights, which maximises the benefits of natural light, reduces energy demand and improves building comfort levels. Then when we add Kingspan Energy Rooftop Solar PV, this covers the remaining energy demand and we achieve or surpass our ZEL objective. Would you like to learn more about ZEL? Just click here.

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